Klean Filters

Pocket Filter

The (or Bag Filters) for fine filtration are high efficiency filters perfect both as pre-filters or as final filters.

Ideal for air purification, particularly suitable for horizontal and vertical flows of air handling units (AHU), in kitchen hoods for catering and restaurants, in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in public buildings (offices, hospitals) and in industry (pharmaceutics, fine-mechanical, food industry).


The filter is made with pieces of media, sealed together to form pockets. Each bag air filter can have a specified number of pockets, whether they be 3 pocket bag filter, or 6 pocket bag filter. The pockets themselves can vary in length. With these combinations of pockets and lengths, many surface areas sizes can be created. Generally, a larger surface area will give you better Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) and longer service life of the filter.

Technical Specifications

  • Efficiency: F5 / F6 / F7 / F8 / F9
  • Media: Synthetic fiber
  • Pocket type: Ultrasonic bag/Sewing bag
  • Frame: Galvanized Steel
  • Final Pressure: Drop 150 – 250 Pa
  • Max Temperature: 50℃
  • Max Humidity: 100%


High dust holding capacity

High dust holding capacity

Low initial pressure drop

Low initial pressure drop

Conical self-supporting pockets with ultrasonic welding

Conical self-supporting pockets with ultrasonic welding


  • Large media area and dust holding capacity
  • Washable (Limited)
  • Large air volume, low resistance and high efficiency
  • Relative humidity up to 100%
  • Easy to install

HVAC Systems



Pharmaceutical Industry

Dust Removal